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I felt comfortable and in control throughout the entire process

I cannot say enough about Dental Practice Advisors. They helped me navigate through the process of taking on an associate/partner, one of the most important phases of my practice. With their Practice Transition Support they helped me formulate my vision so that I could convey the soul and essence of the practice to potential associates, aided me in discovering if the candidates’ visions were aligned with mine, even assisted in finding an attorney with dental field experience. With a working document, organized with specific agendas and timelines, I felt comfortable and in control throughout the entire process.

That was only the beginning. Although I had a clear picture of my goals, I did not have the road map to reach them. Dental Practice Advisors guided me through all aspects of Strategic Planning, from identifying cornerstones, to branding and advertising, to hiring the right team members, to step-by-step action plans.

DPA’s understanding of the dental practice – along with their analytical, methodical, and practical approach – has proven invaluable. I highly recommend the experts at Dental Practice Advisors to anyone who wants to take their practice to the next level.