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CATALYST – Tech Division

Dental Focused Managed IT Services

Catalyst: noun
an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

Who We Are.

We are a dental technology support provider, born from the same dedication to quality work and customer service as our parent company Catalyst Consulting Group and Dental Practice Advisors. Our team is backed by close to 40 years of dental IT expertise. We’re here to bring top notch customer service back to Wisconsin dentists.


We’re local! The members of our team live here, work here and grew up right in WI. We are proud to provide a consistent and quality customer service experience and footprint specifically to dentists in our state.
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Employee Owned

The on-going commitment of our team to our customer base is a top priority. We are employee owned and the same group working to solve your IT concerns are owners in the company.

The pride of ownership shows through our work and in our ability to provide you with solutions that will help support your practice needs.
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IT Experts

We understand the business of dentistry. We are experts in making sure the computer driven dental practice has all of its systems and software needs readily available.

Our goal is to eliminate costly downtime and lost production caused by bad installations. With our comprehensive and proven planning process, our team is primed to achieve this outcome and is proud to serve you.
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What We Do.

We understand the business of dentistry. We manage the IT operations of your dental practice to ensure security, redundancy and maximum up time. We are your IT partner and treat your business as our own.

Network Security

We start from the foundation, taking your network and data security very seriously. We utilize an industry leading next generation firewall, configured to maximize your security and minimize your exposure. A password manager ensures your passwords meet health care security standards.

Furthermore, Managed Antivirus scans and blocks known threats and Managed EDR scans continuously, eliminating new threats to your practice computer system.
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Back Up &

Like network security, your backup and disaster recovery plan needs multiple layers of redundancy. Your server is configured with fail safes. Every 15 minutes incremental data is sent to a secondary local back up server. Connected to that is tertiary encrypted external drive.

Every night a copy of your data is uploaded to server cloud farms in Iowa and Ohio. If something fails, we’re there to fix it. If something really fails we have loaner equipment to get you back up and running in hours.
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Managed Support

There is a lot going on behind the scenes to patch, manage and update your network. We also know that you may need us throughout the day to resolve unexpected issues that may arise.

Our support team is easy to get in touch with and will be responsive in helping address and any solve issues. We act on your behalf as your dedicated IT department to answer your questions and will work directly with your vendors vs. your staff trying to handle IT related matters.
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Project Planning

From a single computer replacement to a ground up construction, our approach towards project management is rigorous.

When we plan ahead, server and computer installations don’t impede production.
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Dental Practice Purchase or Start Up

The business side of dentistry is an area we thrive in and love helping our clients with. Contact us to learn more about the tools we can provide to help you plan and execute your dental practice purchase or start up goals to make them a reality.
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Dental Practice Transitions or Sales

Selling your practice is a big decision and there are many considerations that need to be given to get you started on the right path. We assist clients in successful transitions to help them meet their end goals. We support you by understanding and evaluating your practice, explaining what your practice is worth today, determining who may be interested in purchasing it and providing guidance throughout the process to ensure the best outcome possible.
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