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Talent Management & HR Support

As the practice leader, your role is to hire the right people, set clear expectations and empower your team to perform to their potential.

While managing the human element can be a challenge, it is critical to achieving lasting practice success, team fulfillment and professional satisfaction. Juggling recruitment, performance management, team motivation and HR compliance in addition to clinical responsibilities can be overwhelming. Our experienced HR professionals will provide a broad range of guidance and effective management tools.

Our talent management & HR support services include:

Leadership Coaching

Great leaders inspire their team to achieve high performance. They are able to see change looming and proactively plan a response to foster an environment of acceptance within their team. When you apply this principle to your practice, you need to be nimble; your response to any given situation can set the stage for your staff’s future behaviors when dealing with change. However, it may take time to realize all of your options and it is the fog of stress, personal relationships, and a lack of focus that may inhibit you from seeing all the possible outcomes of your decisions.

Our leadership coaches are prepared to be a sounding board for you, guiding you to make good decisions for your practice, your staff, and your well-being. For over 30 years, we have relied on our own coaches to help us tackle tough business challenges, preparing us to provide solutions for our clients.

Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention

In today’s business environment, hiring the right person is important to delivering your brand promise in a financially responsible manner. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a “bad hire” can cost your business up to five times their current salary. Dental Practice Advisors can help you be more thorough in the process of finding the right Associate, Assistant, Hygienist, Office Manager, or Front Desk staff to meet the needs of your business. Our trained recruiters will help you attract, interview and secure the best possible candidates for your practice. Our involvement in this process can range from consultation to a fully hands-on collaborative effort.

Once you have the right team in place, the key is to retain them. Our Employee Retention strategies focus on lowering turnover, increasing engagement, and maintaining a highly motivated workforce.

High Performance Team Building

The life cycle of a team runs through 4 stages: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. At each stage, there is an opportunity to refocus and redirect your team to ensure they continue up the road to success. Understanding when to provide guidance takes a high level of awareness and involvement in your team.

Our Performance Management Process can help you become involved at the right time and at the right level so you can stay focused on performing dentistry. We will coach you on how to achieve peak performance using thorough evaluations, regular feedback and quarterly 1 on 1’s.

Team Effectiveness Assessments

For the most part, your staff is dependable and loyal, but are they really on the same page? Are they truly engaged to help you meet the Practice’s goals? Do they see themselves in your future? Our Team Effectiveness Assessment Suite is flexible and offers multiple ways to assess the commitment, compatibility and proficiency of your team. Our organizational development professionals will help you select, conduct, interpret, and develop a response plan.

Compensation & Benefits Strategies

In addition to a supportive and challenging working environment, employees are motivated to perform when they feel they are paid fairly. We firmly believe that your staff’s compensation should be based on their contributions to the practice, not solely longevity or seniority. We will provide a compensation and benefit structure that incorporates both internal equity and external market data to ensure your staff is paid appropriately. Our systems are customized to your specific need and can include a bonus or incentive program, if desired.

DPA’s annual “Total Paycheck” is a great way to show your staff the true value of their pay and benefit package.

HR Administration

All businesses face human resources compliance situations. Most of these situations are governed by rules and regulations set at the State and Federal levels of government and are subject to change. Our Human Resources professionals are well trained and maintain a working knowledge of compliance requirements related to hiring, managing performance, termination, payroll, employee files, etc.

In addition to daily guidance, we can also develop your Practice’s HR systems starting with your Employee Handbook. Your Employee Handbook is the official record of your office guidelines, expected behavior and employee benefits and needs to be kept up to date. We can assist you with policy development as well as coach you on how to implement and maintain them.

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