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Branding & Marketing Solutions

In today’s dental marketplace, building your unique brand is more important than ever to differentiate your practice from your competition.

Marketing is so much more than advertising. It involves a coherent and cohesive strategy that communicates the essence of your dental practice in everything from marketing campaigns to new patient welcome kits.

To elevate your practice to the next level, it is critical to know your value, communicate your value, price your value, and then demonstrate your value. We will help you effectively and consistently communicate your value proposition to both existing and new patients.

Our team will help you with:

Brand Identity Development

Your practice’s brand is what comes to mind when your patients (and prospective patients) think of your practice and the treatment you provide. It is the emotional response that comes from any and all experiences associated with your practice – including the ad they see in the local newspaper, their first telephone experience, all the way through to the treatment follow-up instructions you hand them.

Building your brand begins with a well-thought decision on what you want your brand to be. Our professionals will help you determine exactly what that desired response is and how to achieve it successfully and consistently.

Collateral Materials

Think of collateral materials as a tangible representation of your practice. Not only will your collateral materials enhance your professional image by giving your marketing messages a polished look, they will also serve to provide valuable information for your patients.

Our design team will help you develop materials that clearly and consistently present your brand promise – your most fundamental pledge – to your patients and your community. We will design eye-catching concepts that fit your practice and capture the attention of your target audience, including:

  • Appointment Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Internal Marketing Pieces
  • Notecards
  • Office Brochure
  • Office Signage
  • Patient Forms
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Print Ads
  • Referring Doctor Kit

Marketing Campaigns

Generate new patients with an effective marketing campaign that captures their attention and demonstrates the value of becoming a patient at your practice.

A marketing campaign is a coordinated series of steps that shapes the image of your practice through a variety of different types of advertising, public relations and social media. Marketing campaigns can be designed with different ends in mind: building your brand; inviting new patients to your practice; promoting a new service or expanded office hours; introducing a new associate; or opening a new location.

Based on what you would like to achieve, we will design, plan and launch a campaign around attaining that specific goal. A sporadic approach that includes sending out flyers one month and then placing an ad several months later will have minimal effect. Instead, we will integrate all your marketing communications so they build on each other to enforce your message and provide the optimal return on investment.

Website & Social Media

Websites and social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – are quickly enhancing, if not replacing, many other previously utilized marketing concepts and media advertising. Increasingly, people turn to their smart phone, tablet or computer to locate and learn about dentists in their area.

Not only will our team coordinate the resources needed to create an extraordinary website, we will also guide you in building and managing a complete online strategy to help you make the most of what social networking has to offer. Together, we will create the right balance for your online presence, making it affordable and manageable while successfully creating interest and building your patient base.

What's Next?

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